Aerostat Surveillance Design and Production




Reliable, Dependable and Quiet. Three best key words that describe's tethered Surveillance Systems made at Aero Drum Ltd. Although balloons - High quality envelope films and all critical points reinforced makes our systems fit to the task. Used for: Intelligence Gathering, Reconnaissance, Research, Force Protection, Border/Port Security, Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS), Communication Relays, Situational Awareness, Rapid Acquisition, Disaster Response, Incident Awareness & Assessment, Monitoring Air Quality & Atmospheric Conditions, Critical Infrastructure Security

Various Types and Sizes

We are well aware that our Aerostat Systems are used from property to human security surveillance. This is why we are making them with atmost quality to be reliable and dependable. Stable on medium and low high winds. Simple and "no brainer" in everyday use. Choose from several models, types and sizes which one best fit your Surveillance needs. Besides our standard types, Aero Drum Ltd have the possibility to design and produce custom Aerostat Systems - by client request or specification.

High quality Cameras, Communications, Partners and Logistics

Auto level Aerostat System - Self horizontal stabilization

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Standard, Specialized and Custom Surveillance Aerostats. Aerostats only (Balloon Cariers) or Full Systems. HD or/and Thermal Camera modules.

From close proximity to long range Aerial Surveillance. From Entry Level Aerostats to High End Systems.

Designed to work when the Drone Jammers are in use!!!

Below are Ready Aerostat Systems designed upon years of clients requests to best suit their security expectations. If you have a specific demand - we design and build a Surveillance System tailored to your needs.


Single Aerostat System

Integrated Aerostat Network

Standard Aerostats

Custom Aerostats

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